Tuesday, 12 November 2013

In-equility of life

We wake up in the morning complaining of how we didn't wake up well or how we've not gotten the mail from the office or how school is so boring and how you'll trade it for something else. Am sure you know this kids would kill for what you have.

Stop, take a deep breath and look into those things you wish for and ask yourself if they really are what you need or you need a positive attitude towards the one you already have.

I don't know much, but i know life is not equal and that's what makes it all balanced.
i want you to see this through my 'mind'


Oluwasegun said...

...but i know life is not equal and that's what makes it all balanced.

That's one of the ironies of life.

While some people who have a lot want more, some people want just one. Hmmm

Murke said...

Yes, you cant have it all.
thanks for leaving a comment

Anonymous said...

Life doesn't just happen to us, if we can take some time out to think.... and take conscious steps in our life journey things might just be in perspective..."balanced" and somewhat equal in our adventure through life. life never completely closes the door to opportunity. We either maximize it or we don't recognize it...........

Shalaayee (ibere= kekere)

Anonymous said...

inequality of life makes life unique, it makes grateful humans more grateful and makes great fool human a great fool... I am grateful....Yomstudios