Monday, 9 December 2013


Today I want to talk about a word we don't hear much anymore... 


Its not what i call a modern word, people hear the word "sacrifice" and they become afraid that something will be taken from them or they'll have to give up something they can't leave without.

"Sacrifice'' to them means loss, in a world telling us we can have it all. 
  But i believe true sacrifice is victory.

Because it requires our free will to give up something or someone we love for something or someone we love more than yourself.
I won't lie to you it's a gamble.

Sacrifice won't take away the feel of loss but it wins the battle against bitterness.

The bitterness that dims the light on all that is of true value in our lives.
So, go all out and decide on what you want to do for that one person or on that issue...