Sunday, 29 June 2014


This was the second time she was snapping at me for things not serious, I feel over familiarity has begin to set in.

Am I being too nice? why does he make me feel like he is doing me a favour by being my friend?

This and many more crosses the mind of people being taken for granted by their loved ones. In a few cases people take others for granted not because they don’t like them or because they love them less. Its just an unconscious act being done over and over again towards someone close to them. “She’ll always be there”, “He’ll come back begging”, “she doesn’t have a choice she’ll be back”.

These are the thoughts that run in their heads, but am here to say to you that those are the worst things you could ever say to someone who cares and puts you first in choice making.
Not until we lose them or turn them into mean or less emotional people we don’t stop pushing them. Its so sad to know alot of people have changed their standards due to the fact that someone somewhere they love took them for granted or made them look stupid at some point.

Take a deep breath, look around and see that person’s attention you’ve been abusing or their love you keep throwing to the dust it's time to make amends.

Put that call through NOW!!!